Back Second Place; Associated Artists Exhibit, Sawtooth
Gallery,Winston Salem, NC
Collection: Ben Brinkley






Lost Illusions

17 w x 29 h

Pen & Ink


This image actually won a couple awards, and it is now owned by my best friend Ben Brinkley. It also raised a few hackles. One judge suggested I look into therapy. Well I think they had their own issues. I prefer to work mine
out on the page.

The entire piece took about six months to come together through various stages. It uses all verticle lines and was executed with a rapidiograph tech pen. It started out as a doodle and I let my mind run wild. It is actually three images in one. From three different angles it is three different images: volcanoes, lightning and a starlit sky from one angle, a river and trees from the other and finally the face. The face however is the most successful side and the way it should be viewed.

At one point I nicknamed this piece 'The Headache' because of the intense hours I spent laying down all of those lines. It became 'Lost Illusions' after the Balzac novel by the same name.