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This page has several Early Ideas on my Anodizing Project    
The original idea here was to get away from traditional materials
and investigate new techniques. Partly I was wanting to just explore
and a part of me was sick of framing paper prints. I decided to use
the inherient properties of aluminum like I would for choosing a
paper. Aluminum can be anodized and the process is sensitive to
contamination. I used this sensitivity to my advantage and printing
blocking agents to acheive different colors on the same piece;
esentially sealing in the color stage and then dying a deeper color.
Once I had the basic technique down I began exploring with other
blocking agents and using traditional printing techniques in a new way.

Rose Tree
Nine Aluminum Panels
Silkscreened (before final mounting)
Toucan Duo
Anodized Aluminum

Toucan X
Anodized Aluminum

Anodized AluminumTest Print
for Organ Project
Belly Dance
Test for xerox transfer resist
Anodized Aluminum

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