1151 Grand

 August 20th - August 22nd
24Artist Print Show
1151 W. Grand, Chicago, IL
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 A One Weekend Show, Aug 20th-22
Print Show 1151 W. Grand Ave.
Currated by Mike Parsons

Print Show is about a conglomeration of art using all
different kinds of print making processes gathered
under one roof. The many manifestations of print work
will show the broad spectrum of the art form.
Over twenty artists will exhibit their prints in
"Print Show." The exhibition will be showing etchings,
lithography, screen print, mezzotint and photography
or a combination of processes.

Participating Artists

1. Michael Hogan
2. Joyce Jackson
3. Carrie Vinarsky
4. Russel Roberts
5. Mark Phillips
6. Shawn Khoury
7. Evelyn Weston
8. Daniel Tjoelker
9. Ross Luebe
10. Motoko Kamada
11. Victor Maldonado
12. Max Scoppettone
13. Steve Walters
14. Kathleen Judge
15. Keith Herzik
16. Kate Gronner
17. Mike Parsons
18. Andrea Jablonski
19. Cecelia Vargas
20. Lee Brooks
21. Daniel Tucker
22. Robert Becraht
23. Maggie Tate
24. Nelson Wells









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