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Open Print

See Schedules for
times or call
$35 for 4 hours
or 180.00/mth.

Informal work without instruction in any print medium.  Paper and printing inks are not included.  Please schedule times a few days in advance.


Open Print Studio


Beginning Relief



Beginning Relief


 WoodBlack, Linoleum, & Plaster printing.  Classes will take you from image creation through edition printing of your image in various methods of relief printing. 

Intaglio Etching

 or Saturdays 


Aquatints, sugarlifts, mutton tallow, shaker bag & lump rosin? Something from the Food Network? No. Intaglio etching techniques and some tricks of the trade.Learn to create prints using metal plates.  Intaglio means 'below the surface,' by using mordants and tools to create textures you create tones to make your image. 
Basically, the more texture, the more ink the plate holds, the darker the tone.
Intaglio Etching




Possibly Saturdays if people are interested.  Please call.

Schedule TBA
Call if interested

Great for up-tight printmakers and painters alike. Students develop collaged printing plates for a series of prints. Experimental and fun.  Collagraph plate using sand, gesso and glue on chip board. The smooth areas wipe clean. The areas with more texture hold more ink and will print in varing shades of grey or whatever color ink you choose.

Silkscreen Printing

Tuesdays or

2011 Schedule


Silkscreen Printing



T-Shirt Printing 2 Day
2 Screens and inks included.
Call for details.
Space is limited.

March 19th & 20th
12 - 2:30

April 2nd & 3rd
       12 - 2:30

April 9th & 10th
       12 - 2:30


T-Shirt Printing 2 Day



Workshop participants receive a 10% discount  on Open Studio time.


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