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ChicagoArts Interview with Martin Jon, 
Recorded June 24th, 2008
- Youtube link
Short 4 minute interview
Feb 10th - Mar 11th 2006

Heaven Gallery "Printmaking in Progress"
Group Show
Chicago, IL

A group exhibition showcasing the development of prints.
Featuring national and local artists:

Tony Fitzpatrick, Alexis McQuilkin, Angee Lennard, Stina Kaz, Daniel Zaretsky, Dolan Geiman, Elke Claus, Frol Boundin, Glenn Hendrick, Glenn Wexler, James Beckman, Jamie Bilgo, Jess Ferrone, Karin Patzke, Kumiko Murakami, Lauren Anderson, Michael Pajon , Scott Whipkey, Dora Lisa Rosenbaum, Maria Marchenkova, Mark Phillips


<>Oct 1st - 31st
<> 2005 Chicago Art Open
Chicago Sun Times Review
October 14, 2005
A Snapshot of Chicago's Art Community

The show's most effective single image, Mark Phillips' "Wander," blends abstraction and the figure with consummate subtlety and maximum emotional effect. Without polemics or preaching, this mixed-media work -- with its lone human form hunched and barely visible in a swirl of anxious color -- suggests the fragility and loneliness of the individual in this noisy, fractious world. It's powerful and haunting.

Piece featured on Crain's Chicago Business Top 10 Things to See in Chicago for The Hyde Park Art Center's 2006 'Just Good Art' benefit auction write-up


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