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"Park Red" commission shots showing the process.

Spacing out the template so I can keep everything in registration for later stages.

Spacing complete

Back of plates labeled

First Etch Complete.  The black areas are vinyl protectying the original shiny surface.  The first etch was a 1 minute straight bite etch on all 126 plates so everything has the same overall tone.

Next stencil

I think this is the 4th stencil.

Laying out the mounting board and making sure the spacing will work.

Gluing up the spacers.  I'm using 1/4" MDF to bump the plates off the surface a little.  This makes it easier to ink without messing up the background and gives a nice shadow showing the depth.

Glue up complete.

Double cleat mounting board. 

Primed and painted. Jeessh!  This mounting board took forvever to get a nice smooth finish.  Thank heavens for the invention of the mini foam roller. 

Final spacing of the finished plates

Final Glue up of the plates

Inking up the plates.  This one section took about 2 hours.

Still inking

Inking done

Masking tape and everything cleaned up.  Done!  20 days and a lot of all nighters from start to finish.

detail of plates and their texture.

here you can see some of the different color values and the way the textures hold more ink.  Deeper etch deeper color.

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