This is an installation I installed at Caro d'Offay's gallery in Chicago. Back to Awards/Show Listings

View from outside the window showing the vinyl
graphics I installed. Both the walking men and the
dots are applied on the inside of the glass so it
wouldn't ruin the gallery logo on the outside of the

The walking men are an image I have been toying
with for sometime. They are locked into their daily
routines marching to the beat of the clock. I will be
exploring this more in future images. Tick Tock

The RubyLith really glows with the lights on inside.
You can barely see it in this photo but there is a half
metal metal column on the right side of the window.
The column also has a dot pattern which ties in to
the other patterns throughout the piece.

View from the inside of the installation.
Here you can see in the bottom of the window box
the dot pattern I created using black silica carbide
sand and salt. I used 4 sheets of 12' Rubylith for
the background graphic. RubyLith is not used much
for silkscreen production these days but it makes
quite an impressive piece when thinking outside
of the box.