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 We've lost something with all the trappings of the modern world, some connection with our place in the grand scheme of things, our perception of self - the expression of the individual. We're consumers, voters, commuters etc. - fitting neatly into someone's demographic.

I've always been interested in printing and photographic techniques. The idea that separate and distinct elements combine to form a complete whole has always fascinated me. Individuals are complex compositions, a mix of separate and distinct elements yet part of a group, a city, a society etc.. Printmaking is a natural avenue for exploring this idea. I focus on composition and the flow of distinctive elements. Abstraction remains a structural device rather than an end product though.

Rarely do I make preliminary drawings for my pieces; planned and manufactured pieces tend to leave me wanting: no spark, no unexpected turn in direction captures my interest in the final outcome. With the planned piece you end up with what you brought to the table. No growth or knowledge is gained through the experience. I like the challenge of the unknown.

What am I left with? A souvenir of the experience, a capsule of my growth as an artist and an individual, a portrait of the survival of the spirit in a self-effacing and irrational age. And hopefully a greater understanding of my place in the mix.

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